Meet Jeremy

Fast, reliable and accurate – that’s my pledge to you.

I’m Jeremy O’Connor, the managing partner at OCALS.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a property deal being held up by a delay or inaccurate search information.

OCALS specialise in a guaranteed local authority personal search service that will deliver reports with 100% accuracy every time at a lower cost than you pay now.

Our service includes the essential core searches and over 50 other property searches and reports that you will need from time to time. Take a closer look at the products and services page.

When you decide to place your searches with my team, you will get professional and knowledgeable advice to guarantee you peace of mind that your client’s property is fully protected.

However, we understand that things don’t always go to plan. So if a sale falls through or if the mortgage has not gone through within three months, we will refresh the search free of charge to get things moving again.

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I would like to prove to you that we can deliver a quality service. To help you decide if OCALs is the right personal search provider for your business, you can place three free searches with us at no charge.

To organise your free trial or to discuss how OCALS can provide the highest quality personal local authority searches for your firm, please give me a ring on 07917 610 893.