Environmental reports

Subsidence, brownfield, soil contamination, flood risks, radon gas. These are just a few issues facing property buyers. OCALS provides comprehensive commercial and residential environmental reports for quick and accurate results every time.

The land assessments that we provide cover a 250-500 metre radius of the property and include likely flood risk areas and any past landfill or industry use.

The information is drawn from many sources including historical maps, the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority and the British Geological Society. All in all, your buyer’s risk of ending up with a property built on contaminated land will be greatly reduced and fully complies with the Law Society guidelines on best practice.

  • Land assessments covering a 250-500 metre radius of the property
  • Flood risks and subsidence checks
  • Past industrial and landfill use
  • Reduced risk of purchasing property built on contaminated land
  • Results can be insured against future risk

OCALS environmental reports are provided in co-operation with leading environmental database experts, Landmark and GroundSure.