Residential plan searches

The impact of new planning proposals on a property can be substantial.

The plan search report contains important and useful information about all planning activities in the area around a property. It details potential changes to the neighbourhood to help prospective homeowners make the right decision about their property purchase.

Having the information up front ensures there are no nasty surprises, such as a view ruined by a new development, which would lower the property’s value and reduce the prospective homeowner’s potential enjoyment of their investment.

For example, if there is a proposal for a new nightclub or supermarket in the area, a plan search will make sure you know about if before the contracts are exchanged!

For more detailed planning information including, a professional opinion about future development opportunities that may affect the property, you should consider a DevAssess report.

A residential plan search will help your clients see their dream home as it should be, not how it might be.

  • Receive a detailed report outlining future developments such as supermarkets, nightclubs and motorways within 500 metres of the property
  • Reports are typically available within 48 hours at a nominal cost
  • Includes detailed maps highlighting the relevant areas
  • Enables the buyer to make an informed decision